Wednesday, November 13

The Science Fairs Are Coming! The LCHS Science Fair will be on February 7th, 2020. Those selected as top LCHS science projects will qualify to present at the LA County Science Fair on March 19-21. Those interested in participating in the LA County Science Fair with chemicals, surveys, and other restricted items, must have applied by November 11. The form to register for the LCHS Science Fair can be found on the announcements page of the school website or in the email you received from Mr. Cartnal. Thanks!

Hey, Spartans time is running out! Yearbook Ad purchases are due this Friday, November 15th. This is a tradition at LCHS and it’s recommended for seniors. Seniors, sports teams, clubs and friend groups can also purchase advertisements as a group to send a special dedication. Please contact for more information as soon as possible.

Hey Spartans! Please bring a laptop to school tomorrow so you can complete the Challenge Success survey that we will take during STEP on Thursday. Thanks!

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